Saturday, February 5, 2011

STAGE 1: Friends on vacation


When Mark gladly announced he was coming to Buenos Aires on vacation, I was immensely happy. I hadn´t seen him for four years and it was the only way for us to spend some quality time together as I couldn´t afford a trip to his city, Seattle.

We were soon discussing via email what to do together. He was looking forward to visiting a beach resort and suggested Mar del Plata. I was eager to support his idea as I like this city and I hadn´t beeen there for quite some time. I even went on to suggest spending New Year there, which we eventually did. He then wished to spend some time in the countryside and started exploring websites like Trip Advisor. I was in for a surprise again when he chose San Antonio de Areco. We had considered Salta, Jujuy, Cordoba but they were quite unaffordable. Areco sounded like a good idea as many people I know had been there and spoken highly of it.

I explored Areco´s main webpage and found interesting places to visit and the promise of spending a relaxing week. From the US, Mark booked accommodation in a hostel called El Puesto. Entering its webpage I was able to see the place in photos and got even more enthusiastic. An old, traditional house a few blocks from the main square, called Arellano, renovated and turned into a cozy hotel offered a lovely backyard/garden with an inviting swimming pool.

After Mark´s arrival in Buenos Aires, and a few days relaxing in the city, Mark and I spent the New Year weekend in Mar del Plata, where we enjoyed the good weather, the beach and the hospitality of a wonderful hotel near the city´s lighthouse.

But the best was just about to happen ...

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